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Deer back in woodlands, after weeks away.

February 9, 2016

Up and out early today in the hopeful search of the deer that had lived all last year in the woodland fields, over the last week i had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of two new stragglers that had been wondering around the field, these two were very nervous as soon as you caught sight of them from a distance and were gone as quick as lightening, giving me the proof i needed that they were not linked to the family that had lived throughout the previous year quite happily with myself and tilly-miss.

The morning started well as can be expected, in to the woods and i am looking for tell tale signs of where the deer had been laying, hoof marks, and any sign of poo !

On walking through the path my first sighting was the dad Thomas as i have named him, a wonderful creature that has been friendly for a couple of years, remember i saw Thomas born in the woods and left in the undergrowth while mother rested, and so my friendship began.


Sadly the pictures are not that great as i was caught out and couldn’t focus properly, as time was against me should they decide to bolt, but i managed the best i could.


I was delighted to see them all back safe and started calling them, mum started walking towards me followed by the other three, i knew then it was time to head back home to get apples and pears, as they adore either and they wolf them down very quickly.

It is evident that they remember me and tilly and when we returned later with dinner for them they had there eyes firmly fixed on us and they were watching as the bag was shaken, they knew feeding time was close.


Open the picture for better view !

Tomorrow will be more apples and hopefully a few dozen golf balls, just like today !


Clearing more golf balls.

March 19, 2015

Hello to everyone, my apologies for a long absence from updating my page, things have been hectic in my life of late with illness of my wife and my time spent away working.

Hopefully i can start getting back to normal as can be and get ready to gear myself up for the late brighter nights and a hopeful increase in more people taking to the golf course.

Tilly has been in very good shape and as always my priority whether i am at home or away and i have so much fun, it would be unbearable to think of her not being here


I love get a picture of her whenever i can but tilly being tilly is indeed very camera shy


Even when she is stuck up a tree after chasing a squirrel.gmsnet2

We are still collecting golf balls and yesterday i packed 1000 golf balls to a new customer in Kent who found my details through this blog.


Its also a coincidence  that i was contacted by phone from a very nice lady asking if we are interested in clearing 230 acre golf course of all the golf balls, so it can be turned back to farming, this i thought was a job far to big for me and tilly so i passed this on to the professional service of my trusted friend Daz from the north of England who has the manpower and tools to do a good job, he will have to camp out for a while as the golf course is in Kent.

We will be back with some more very soon, i just need to download some pictures that i took today, still i have problems getting used to this new phone, driving me mad !

Clearing the field in this heat.

May 1, 2013

Such a beautiful day and have we been busy, we headed to the woodland this morning and had a haul of 27 Titleist Pro V Balls just as a starter, then back to the field and retrieved 100 brand name balls and as you can probably guess another 10 Pro V amongst them.

I took our ball retriever with me as this makes very light work of picking up a ball without the strain of having to keep bending or having to keep telling tilly to drop, very surprised to find it actually holds 100 golf balls and bearing in mind we done three trips, so a very good day so far as we have only walked one half of the course so far.


20130501_144135 (2)

The weather has been a little to hot for Tilly bless her, yesterday was her annual trip to the vet for her booster and Stronghold Flea Treatment at a cost of £93 :36 (at least Dick Turpin wore a mask) it is no wonder animals are being neglected and badly treated when you see the charges these vets think they are entitled to, remember a lot of the big companies in animal health are only to happy to give there products free of charge to vet’s surgeries as a sort of enticement for future sales. My friend took his dog for a small scale on his leg, vet shaved it and applied a tiny bit of cream, thank you £55 and yesterday my son had to have his Staff put down at 8 years of age due to some awful womb infection they had been treating?…cost £500 how can this be justified in these days of austerity, the mind boggles with sadness,how do these vet’s sleep at night when they tell you how they care so much? high time they were reported to the local Ombudsman and that is exactly what i intend doing.




Above our first haul of Pro V Balls this morning.


Anyone out there know Elaine? “Put me down i belong to Elaine” written on this ball, come on Elaine come and get your precious ball back, promise to wash and clean it for you !

Golf Balls Galore.

March 17, 2013

My apologies for no recent posts of late as i had to spend time in Germany which also involved a trip to France, but back home now and back to the woodlands for peace of mind and the freedom myself and Tilly yearn for.


We are out on a mission as soon as i am home, tilly very excited to be going back in search of fun and myself being happy to collect every golf ball there is and believe me we have had a huge coup in the last few days, just in 20 minutes of walking this morning we had this little lot

20130317_14235320130317_14340620130317_142404 (2)

with some nice logo balls from various companies and courses including this nice ball from The Berkshire club.

We find them in filthy condition and as you see there is even growth on this ball which is better than some we collect, some have horse muck and cow dung but a ball is a ball and if we see it we will have it.

20130316_15223620130316_11265020130316_11253420130302_174919 (2)

Things are changing in the woodland with new trees and chutes growing the arrival of more deer, we now have 9 in the wood along with recent arrival of pheasant and partridge that have not been there for years, so hopefully things look good on the wildlife side.20130219_15501820130219_15553420130219_15510520130215_140106

Today we had 2 bags which i am struggling to get in the nets as they are now full and have been sold to a golf outlet, but i have to organise some heavy duty boxes or crates so the courier man can collect them.

Getting harder to find a golf ball !

October 25, 2012

Now the leaves are falling our mission to find the pearly white and any colour balls is getting harder each day.
Could the reason be that people are not playing as often as they want, could the price be a factor that is keeping them away?
We have noticed the number of cheaper golf ball brands that are laying idle, Dunlop Sport,Top-Shite & a host of mix and match name brand’s that certainly would not have been found 2 years ago.

The woodland looks very pretty at this moment with all the colours of leaves on the ground

Where do you start looking? trying to find a colour golf ball is not easy by any means,but we never give up,I think sometimes tilly must get pretty confused

Look who i found next to the field, I left a lot of damaged golf balls by the hedgerow knowing it would not belong before the golf ball thief would be back

He was in for a shock as all the golf balls had been damaged whilst the greenkeepers had mowed the course, but this thief has no fear and couldnt wait to pounce on what he thought was a pile of very good balls…..

Dirty Golf Balls Need Washing

October 11, 2012

This morning we found these quite life-less looking golf balls,so i thought let me give them a spruce up and see what we can do……here is the result of a few minutes cleaning

And this all the way from St Andrews bringing the filth with it it

Now have a look at them all gleaming and looking like a complete new ball

Here is our tally so far in the last few days : 622 in total from just 2 golf courses

My mate Daz is calling tomorrow to pick these up, a great selection of numerous brands.

What have we seen and found in the woods & golf course this week.

October 10, 2012

Apart from bucket loads of rain earlier this week things have been fantastic with a huge return of golf balls especially from the leaves close to the hedgerows, you cannot imagine what is laying underground, but we took the opportunity to have a good look on a short stretch and used a rake to move the leaf-mold away from the fence areas and hey bingo,we hit the jackpot i was most surprised at the condition of the golf balls which had probably been there for months,there was no damage and they looked in perfect condition considering the elements they have endured.
Over the course of the last 7 days we have retrieved from hedgerows and our fields in excess of
600 golf balls, sheer hardwork with an eye for detail and long walking sessions have brought such good returns for our efforts, and i am sure my mate Daz will be planning another trip south when he reads this.
Anyway lets get to some pictures for you people to enjoy, here are some of my friendly deer

Here is mother keeping a close eye on Tilly

And one happy family

We found this club

Sadly snapped in half

And golfers caught in a rainstorm

Having just found me another ball

Great morning collecting more Golf Balls.

October 6, 2012

What a morning for ball collecting, the golf balls just keep coming wherever we look, I was not expecting to find more than a few,but our tally in the woods returned 47 lovely golf balls, most of these are brand spanking new.
Look at these colours that have been cleaned and posted to a client in London for just 99p plus postage,would you be happy with them?

We also have these beauties for sale and offers are welcome

You might like to get your hands on these lovely one’s

Just a selection of what we have available, if you want quality at low prices, get in touch !

We also found these 2 golf balls with a building company logo on ? let us hope he builds houses better than he plays a game of golf….pmsl Crescent Builders based in Slough Berkshire
would you dare to call them ? (if you do please let him know he is famous)

My little helper on the golf course today.

October 3, 2012

Young George was on my door this morning around 08:30 shouting out where is grandad, i appeared downstairs for my morning cuppa and the little man was smiling so happily.
Are we going to the woods grandad, get your boots on and i will get mine, so of we head to the woods the three of us which includes tilly-miss as you could not guess we would leave her behind.
My goodness my little helper is a complete chatterbox, why why why is always the last word from him,but george is great fun.
3 hr’s past and we were exhausted from all the bending down under thorn bushes, every bone hurting, how little man feels is beyond me, tilly was away with squirrel’s and only brought out 9 decent golf balls, george managed 11 that were laying throughout the path area and i brought in the rest

I thought we had no chance in getting a ball at all after the last few days of picking up so many,where do they keep coming from, even george was finding them in strange places
just like this bush,did you know inside of this bush i found 9 very good nike and srixon

And what a great ball to find

And tilly posing after chewing a brand new ProV Ball

Here is “Lonesome Drifter”

And our shot before dark of “Lonesome” who is a very angry mum at moment,she seems very restless for some reason and being more protective of the young.

And finally my little man in the sand pit bunker

Busy in the field today

September 29, 2012

Out in the field having a clear-up before some other thieving golfers decide to jump the fences
and take all that lays idle.
We were only out for 45 minutes and had over 140 very good golf balls which today included a lot of ProV Balls, which made me very happy.
Good return of Calloway and Srixon as always expected, but high end numbers on ProV was unexpected….at last Titleist are making a prov that actually bear’s to the right on long distance shots,yipee lets have some more of that please.

In the field there was more golf balls buried in then there was laying on the surface,goodness me they are landing in the field at some speed, and we had a couple of near misses.

And this

Back breaking work having to dig some of them out, sometimes tilly will pop in and decide to help, but other times will just come along and pinch the ball

She does get quite nosey and always wants to be amongst the counting of any haul

140 golf balls it is a good job my mate Daz left me these heavy duty bags,which are fantastic for holding golf balls,you can also pull these through the grass without fear of the bag splitting.