Getting harder to find a golf ball !

Now the leaves are falling our mission to find the pearly white and any colour balls is getting harder each day.
Could the reason be that people are not playing as often as they want, could the price be a factor that is keeping them away?
We have noticed the number of cheaper golf ball brands that are laying idle, Dunlop Sport,Top-Shite & a host of mix and match name brand’s that certainly would not have been found 2 years ago.

The woodland looks very pretty at this moment with all the colours of leaves on the ground

Where do you start looking? trying to find a colour golf ball is not easy by any means,but we never give up,I think sometimes tilly must get pretty confused

Look who i found next to the field, I left a lot of damaged golf balls by the hedgerow knowing it would not belong before the golf ball thief would be back

He was in for a shock as all the golf balls had been damaged whilst the greenkeepers had mowed the course, but this thief has no fear and couldnt wait to pounce on what he thought was a pile of very good balls…..


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