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Coloured Golf Balls and Pro V selling well.

August 24, 2013

No let up in the search for golf balls, really doesn’t matter if it pours with rain or we have an avalanche of snow, were out there in all weathers.

The last few days have been interesting as we walk round and today of all days would have been the best ever for getting pictures of the deer, but as my camera was on low charge i decided to leave it at home and give it a good charge as it was pouring down and i was thinking the deer will not be running round, but how wrong can i be as i walked through the copse the two young bolted out and headed across the field, i then took off the back way and waited and waited in the rain and guess what they appeared and after a long nervous wait by the young ones they started walking the fence line very carefully eating and nibbling what they could totally unaware that i was there stood under the tree, it was magical the two were almost side by side to me and i was just so pleased to stand there looking them both over they both looked like bambi from the film, gorgeous features with the cutest faces and the eyes said it all, i was so happy and yet so sad that my camera was not handy, but i will be back there again later.

Our colours are selling well and we have been adding to the collection after we found these in the ferns


We have also been collecting good white balls that just keep dropping 20130823_202015

The above balls were collected in the woods within 30 minutes bringing our total to roughly around 200+ for a couple of days, not bad considering it is holiday time and lots of people are away.




Found this ball that arrived all the way from the Gulf and has a rather nice picture of a camel.

Now we head to our big field again to clear this, hopefully the rain has stopped and we can clear quite a few more.

Anyone wishing to purchase any amount of quality golf balls are welcome to contact me


With a little help.

February 26, 2013

The golf balls come out of them hedges faster than tilly could get in there, we had quite a few colour and white’s along with some very nice logo’s that found there way in those hedges, here is the item that has made life easy for me and gives tilly more time to concentrate on  bugs bunny.


After carrying this harpoon across the field my arms were aching as this is a heavy old lump that should be used for pole-vaulting the bloody fences straight to the golf course, but here are some of the golf balls fresh from the field which do contain a bit of horse…past


These certainly need something to make them shine


And we certainly have the magic ingredient  for when it is needed

Dirty Golf Balls Need Washing

October 11, 2012

This morning we found these quite life-less looking golf balls,so i thought let me give them a spruce up and see what we can do……here is the result of a few minutes cleaning

And this all the way from St Andrews bringing the filth with it it

Now have a look at them all gleaming and looking like a complete new ball

Here is our tally so far in the last few days : 622 in total from just 2 golf courses

My mate Daz is calling tomorrow to pick these up, a great selection of numerous brands.

Great morning collecting more Golf Balls.

October 6, 2012

What a morning for ball collecting, the golf balls just keep coming wherever we look, I was not expecting to find more than a few,but our tally in the woods returned 47 lovely golf balls, most of these are brand spanking new.
Look at these colours that have been cleaned and posted to a client in London for just 99p plus postage,would you be happy with them?

We also have these beauties for sale and offers are welcome

You might like to get your hands on these lovely one’s

Just a selection of what we have available, if you want quality at low prices, get in touch !

We also found these 2 golf balls with a building company logo on ? let us hope he builds houses better than he plays a game of golf….pmsl Crescent Builders based in Slough Berkshire
would you dare to call them ? (if you do please let him know he is famous)

Where do they keep coming from.

September 24, 2012

It is unbelievable that so many golf balls are being found day after day, we start the search each morning for an hour then head home for a nice cup of tea and toast, then midday we head back out again to a differant course and home for any errands that need sorting, then we head back to scoop all that is left from the morning visit.
During the weekend we have actually retrieved close to 300 golf balls, where do they come from especially when you look out on the course and hardly any golfers are playing? I think someone is strolling round the course throwing the golf course stock away?…(lol)
In less than 1 hour this evening we scooped up this little lot about 25 dirty golf balls all from the woodland hedgerows

We also found this “Mojo”

And this all the way from Wisconison State Bank who obviously have to much money

Our ball cleaning just gets better all the time, look at how clean these are !

I have just washed these for 2 customer orders that need posting, i have near enough 100 in the wash right now after a surge in orders, i think people are taking a liking to my service for affordable cheap golf balls

Get the Golf Balls Cleaned.

September 23, 2012

Arrived home tired and worn out after a trip to Manchester, had just a few hour’s sleep and was woken by Tilly-Miss jumping on my bed and getting under the covers after i left her in the lounge
to keep the cat company, goodness knows what they were doing but i could hear picture frames hitting the floor, but i was worn out and tried getting to sleep but the can of red bull i had on the way home kicked in a bit to quick, so up and showered quick cup of tea and we headed to the woods.
Orders arrived last night and priority today is to get the orders washed and posted first thing tomorrow, we like to get things done as quickly as possible.
Some of the golf balls we find have been laying in all sorts of horrible wish wash and we do not know what germs lay,so it calls for a good clean to kill all that is there and to bring the lonely saved ball a new lease of life, bring it to its original look and make it look like a ball worth buying, and hopefully this is what we do !

This ball has some heavy markings that might not look to bad, but believe me i put the hands to work with a scourer and it wouldnt shift,so our very special formula was prepared and hey presto….look at it now

What is the formula you ask yourself ? well let me say my kitchen has been like a chemistry studio,mixing this and that to see what really works, but let me say this as i know what you are thinking? he is using bleach? well you are wrong very wrong, bleach will only make it look clean, what we use is something a lady uses everyday ? we add it to something else found in every home?
We have mixed bits from under the sink that were so powerful Titleist logo was removed from one very good ProV, I REMEMBERED NOT TO USE THAT AGAIN ! one proV lost means money lost.
Here are a couple of pictures from an order i am preparing

Cutting through the dirt and making these golf balls shine again

Whilst searching this morning we found these logo golf balls

And 100 years to this golf club

Well done to the golf club, i hope you have many more years of success

This looks a nice Golf Ball….until !

September 18, 2012

You look further and see something has gone badly wrong, probably got caught in the blades of a mower

It soon become a huge disappointment when i picked this ball up

It looks like it has been cut with a knife, quite strange really both sides knackered and one less for my stock

What a coup in the grass, the first time ever 3 ProV Balls laid side by side in long grass

Golf Ball Offer from Golf Direct.

September 16, 2012

With this golf ball you can get a whopping £10 of your next purchase of golf balls when you spend £50

But then again you don’t need to spend £50 for our golf balls,we can let you have as many as you want at 30p per ball or you can have our retrieved ProV Balls for just £1 washed and cleaned direct to your door (postage added))
We have 1000s available new one’s there are old one’s,we have coloured one’s shiny one’s all from the leading makers and your be better of by £50

As you can see we have a few available

Would you find a golf ball in this lot

August 20, 2012

Just giving you an idea of what hunting the pearly white ball is about, we are certainly up against the thorns and nettles and some rough terrain to bring you the ball you loose.

Do you think it is easy, come and join the hunt with us

95% of all golf balls are found in places you would never bother to look, how they end up there is amazing, bouncing from trees and finding peculiar landings is quite amazing.

Under the fern bushes you will always come up trumps, there they are tucked away sometimes three or four under one bush

The thorn bushes are more likely to return a good crop,after all who would be mad enough to start looking and hacking that lot to bits, that is where the golf ball dog comes in very handy.

Just spent an hour and here is the bag that has been retrieved this morning

Over 30+ and tilly has done very well

Were going back again later,see what we get then !

Have to get the Golf Balls out of the field.

August 16, 2012

The huge field is creeking with golf balls,the Tee it is located on a long drive alongside the field and the golf balls just keep raining in on a daily basis.
Now you would think it is easy work to find these beauties,but how wrong could we be, we have walked through this morning and returned no more than a half dozen due to the long grass which has more or less pulled everything down,but wait a minute have we found the solution to the problem, i think so.

Here is our very own tractor boy Nathan who can cut a field as quick as look at it, so were leaving this to him and will follow him round as he cuts and we collect.

It is a huge field that will return a large amount, the first 5 we pulled were Titleist ProV Balls so that makes me happier.
Here is tilly trying her best to get through the long grass, it was hard for me so poor dog must be tired

We offer the cheapest golf balls anywhere, we even supply vending machines that dispense a golf ball in a clear container with of course a selection of pictures of tilly-miss in action.