What is in the woods today.

Peace and quiet all around me as me and my faithful companion take a stroll through the wet and muddy woodland.
It is amazing what can be seen whilst enjoying the woodland, here are a few things that caught my eye today whilst searching more golf balls.

A lovely brace of pheasants enjoying the comforts of the field.

One happy family grazing the field fully aware of myself and tilly

Here is the mum you can see the scar’s on her body after battling her way through thorn bushes, no doubt these were caused whilst trying to keep the young safe.

This little one i named Thomas has given me so many sleepless nights after he just vanished? I have searched high and low for this gorgeous little one, but to no avail, I am very worried that 2 polish hunters seen in the area have shot him.

Everyday i constantly think of Thomas, he was such a likeable beast who was very proud to have his picture taken whenever i met him.

If like me you are in the woodlands looking for golf balls and spend time in the hedgerows crawling through sticks and tree-stumps and prickles do not forget to look in the branches above you, it might be worth it in the end !

This is what we go through daily

And a little bit harsh on the feet for me and tilly


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2 Responses to “What is in the woods today.”

  1. wartica Says:

    That is the wonderful thing about nature; you never know what you’re going to come across:)

    • plenty1 Says:

      Thanks for following Tilly we value your visit, just been reading your blog and very impressed, keep on track and enjoy the freedom of life and nature

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