What have we seen and found in the woods & golf course this week.

Apart from bucket loads of rain earlier this week things have been fantastic with a huge return of golf balls especially from the leaves close to the hedgerows, you cannot imagine what is laying underground, but we took the opportunity to have a good look on a short stretch and used a rake to move the leaf-mold away from the fence areas and hey bingo,we hit the jackpot i was most surprised at the condition of the golf balls which had probably been there for months,there was no damage and they looked in perfect condition considering the elements they have endured.
Over the course of the last 7 days we have retrieved from hedgerows and our fields in excess of
600 golf balls, sheer hardwork with an eye for detail and long walking sessions have brought such good returns for our efforts, and i am sure my mate Daz will be planning another trip south when he reads this.
Anyway lets get to some pictures for you people to enjoy, here are some of my friendly deer

Here is mother keeping a close eye on Tilly

And one happy family

We found this club

Sadly snapped in half

And golfers caught in a rainstorm

Having just found me another ball


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One Response to “What have we seen and found in the woods & golf course this week.”

  1. s Says:

    hi gaz im already down till saturday so if you have any for me give me a txt mate ,il be up your way friday to go see robert pal

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