Have to get the Golf Balls out of the field.

The huge field is creeking with golf balls,the Tee it is located on a long drive alongside the field and the golf balls just keep raining in on a daily basis.
Now you would think it is easy work to find these beauties,but how wrong could we be, we have walked through this morning and returned no more than a half dozen due to the long grass which has more or less pulled everything down,but wait a minute have we found the solution to the problem, i think so.

Here is our very own tractor boy Nathan who can cut a field as quick as look at it, so were leaving this to him and will follow him round as he cuts and we collect.

It is a huge field that will return a large amount, the first 5 we pulled were Titleist ProV Balls so that makes me happier.
Here is tilly trying her best to get through the long grass, it was hard for me so poor dog must be tired

We offer the cheapest golf balls anywhere, we even supply vending machines that dispense a golf ball in a clear container with of course a selection of pictures of tilly-miss in action.


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