Get the Golf Balls Cleaned.

Arrived home tired and worn out after a trip to Manchester, had just a few hour’s sleep and was woken by Tilly-Miss jumping on my bed and getting under the covers after i left her in the lounge
to keep the cat company, goodness knows what they were doing but i could hear picture frames hitting the floor, but i was worn out and tried getting to sleep but the can of red bull i had on the way home kicked in a bit to quick, so up and showered quick cup of tea and we headed to the woods.
Orders arrived last night and priority today is to get the orders washed and posted first thing tomorrow, we like to get things done as quickly as possible.
Some of the golf balls we find have been laying in all sorts of horrible wish wash and we do not know what germs lay,so it calls for a good clean to kill all that is there and to bring the lonely saved ball a new lease of life, bring it to its original look and make it look like a ball worth buying, and hopefully this is what we do !

This ball has some heavy markings that might not look to bad, but believe me i put the hands to work with a scourer and it wouldnt shift,so our very special formula was prepared and hey presto….look at it now

What is the formula you ask yourself ? well let me say my kitchen has been like a chemistry studio,mixing this and that to see what really works, but let me say this as i know what you are thinking? he is using bleach? well you are wrong very wrong, bleach will only make it look clean, what we use is something a lady uses everyday ? we add it to something else found in every home?
We have mixed bits from under the sink that were so powerful Titleist logo was removed from one very good ProV, I REMEMBERED NOT TO USE THAT AGAIN ! one proV lost means money lost.
Here are a couple of pictures from an order i am preparing

Cutting through the dirt and making these golf balls shine again

Whilst searching this morning we found these logo golf balls

And 100 years to this golf club

Well done to the golf club, i hope you have many more years of success


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