Where do they keep coming from.

It is unbelievable that so many golf balls are being found day after day, we start the search each morning for an hour then head home for a nice cup of tea and toast, then midday we head back out again to a differant course and home for any errands that need sorting, then we head back to scoop all that is left from the morning visit.
During the weekend we have actually retrieved close to 300 golf balls, where do they come from especially when you look out on the course and hardly any golfers are playing? I think someone is strolling round the course throwing the golf course stock away?…(lol)
In less than 1 hour this evening we scooped up this little lot about 25 dirty golf balls all from the woodland hedgerows

We also found this “Mojo”

And this all the way from Wisconison State Bank who obviously have to much money

Our ball cleaning just gets better all the time, look at how clean these are !

I have just washed these for 2 customer orders that need posting, i have near enough 100 in the wash right now after a surge in orders, i think people are taking a liking to my service for affordable cheap golf balls


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