Would you find a golf ball in this lot

Just giving you an idea of what hunting the pearly white ball is about, we are certainly up against the thorns and nettles and some rough terrain to bring you the ball you loose.

Do you think it is easy, come and join the hunt with us

95% of all golf balls are found in places you would never bother to look, how they end up there is amazing, bouncing from trees and finding peculiar landings is quite amazing.

Under the fern bushes you will always come up trumps, there they are tucked away sometimes three or four under one bush

The thorn bushes are more likely to return a good crop,after all who would be mad enough to start looking and hacking that lot to bits, that is where the golf ball dog comes in very handy.

Just spent an hour and here is the bag that has been retrieved this morning

Over 30+ and tilly has done very well

Were going back again later,see what we get then !


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