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Keeping watch on the Deer

February 10, 2016


Apples and pears chopped and bagged ready for feeding time, on arrival in the field i noticed the mum and young waiting close to where i had left there food yesterday, on inspection everything had gone including broccoli and stems, the deer were not at all nervous and looked to be very content, so i dropped more food and left them while i went in search of woodland golf balls, in just over 2 hours in woodland hacking down thorn bushes and endless prickles, i managed 72 very good golf balls.


A majority of these were brought out of woodlands by my golf ball dog Tilly-Miss who just seems to have a great sense of liking Titleist Pro V Balls, we had loads of that brand ball today, and as you can see from the pictures tilly is back home having a cuddle from my wife after we had gone for a long time.

I  managed some pictures of the deer waiting patiently for food, well i hope that is the reason why Laughing out loud


This is mum and Thomas


What a beauty

But not as beautiful as this little lady


Who is now flat out on my settee sleeping and dreaming

And finally Golf Balls if anyone needs any ?



Srixon Golf Balls seem to be the choice for Berkshire.

July 27, 2012

The last seven days have convinced me that Srixon Golf Balls are without doubt the choice ball for courses in Berkshire.
I have trawled my way round four courses in the last week and after having a tot up on returns Srixon has outweighed its nearest competitor who came a long way behind and that was Calloway.

So very well done Srixon we can sell as many as we can find !

Look at this Wilson Staff ball in blue logo

And a nice logo ball from this club

Whilst in the woods this morning my faithful friend and companion Tilly-Miss brought me so many golf balls from the thorn bushes,without her help the bag would have been half full

Here is Tilly climbing the tree to get to a squirrel

We need golf balls, do you live near a golf course? if so gather them up and let me know, do you back on to a course if so let me come and collect from you, i am happy to purchase as many as you have.

Watching The Deer Today.

May 13, 2012

Looking back at some pictures taken from my camera phone and sadly realising how bad they were,I decided to take my camera with me to try and get some good image shots of the deer that are quite comfortable in the field close to my home.
It was not long before i walked straight face to face with two of the deer mother and father i like to presume,maybe i am wrong maybe not, but i must say the 2 made me so happy that i was so close to them,within a metre and no more.
It was not until i arrived home and put the pictures on my computer that i realised the quality and sharp images i was so lucky to have gained, i was delighted and would like to share this with you all, so sit back and enjoy the pictures as much as i did taking them…

Remember to click on the photos to get the best images…..

Some very good pictures of mum and dad sadly the young one was sleeping deep in the long grass

So close to the Deer today.

March 21, 2012

Couldnt believe my luck when i spotted the deer in the wood, thought i would just sit back and wait and wait i did for about 30 minutes and along they trotted blisfully unaware i was there waiting like a hunter minus the gun.

Armed with just my simple HTC Phone i thought here we go and hoped and prayed that when i got home and download the pictures they will make me smile,and smile i did.

Wonderful to be so close to the baby of the family who i have watched since birth,and to see her now growing up is wonderful.
The mother was a little bit bothered yesterday by tilly-miss and for some reason decided to lunge at tilly, i think she thought we were to close for comfort at that point as we were almost touching distance,but today they seemed very calm and stood and posed for my pictures which has made me very happy indeed.

Cleared the field of so many golf balls.

February 14, 2012

Far to many to count, but lots of brand new stuff

Back to the wash must get those clean before my lady returns or i am going to be in the doghouse for not buying a valentine card or flowers,having the house covered in golf balls will be the final straw….wish me luck

More colour balls today

Straight from the field to the wash

You could not believe what these balls were laying in,and just how dirty they were

2 Huge bags have also to be sorted, lots of good names in there and so so many are brand new

Deer in the woods

February 6, 2012

Lovely to watch the deer this afternoon in the snow filled woodlands, i stood watching them for about 15 minutes and they were quite happy knowing i was there.
During my time they were happy grazing and nibbling from the tree branches, they must be very hungry.

Still finding golf balls in the snow

February 5, 2012

Left cold and lonely overnight !

Very hardwork getting to the golf course, the snow fall was much more than i expected which made walking that little more dangerous, but tilly loved her visit and enjoyed the snowballs that i was throwing for her.