Golfers knocking on the door for cheap Golf Balls

What a weekend it is turning out to be, earlier in the week i was complaining of local courses being deserted but excuse me i got it wrong due to the fact people are out working or doing other stuff.
The last 2 days has seen an incredible amount of people on course, golfers are also joining a queue at the tee waiting for the green to clear, it is wonderful to see so many people out enjoying the laughter and banter that carries through the woodland,and conversations you just wouldnt want repeating honestly.
But with lots of people out and about means lots of loose lost golf balls and we have had a ball
in retrieving so many so thank you all for keeping tilly very happy in and out of the hedgerows.

We are treating all the golfers who come knocking the door to buy a ball to our ball in a can that features pictures of tilly-miss

Thank You everyone for supporting Tilly-Miss we are as always very grateful for your welcome visit


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