Where have all the golfers gone

Brilliant sunny weather always an excuse to hide away from work and do a few things in the house or garden or even head to the golf course, sadly a course close to me is running on empty.

The last couple of weeks have been brutal in visitor numbers and no matter how the sun has shined people are just not appearing in the numbers which we are used to seeing.

The last few weeks have seen golf ball numbers drop dramatically,we are being hit hard by the lack of golfers which means no golf balls hitting the hedges or undergrowth, the main field has seen a dramatic reduction in golf balls and to add to the misery unfolding we are finding Dunlop and Top-Flite along with Slazenger being the ball of choice for many.

The poor dog is getting tired of being tired and needs golf balls to keep her active, The balls we retrieve are not the sort we need or care to pick up,what is the point of picking up something that returns nothing and something you cannot even give away.


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