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Clearing more golf balls.

March 19, 2015

Hello to everyone, my apologies for a long absence from updating my page, things have been hectic in my life of late with illness of my wife and my time spent away working.

Hopefully i can start getting back to normal as can be and get ready to gear myself up for the late brighter nights and a hopeful increase in more people taking to the golf course.

Tilly has been in very good shape and as always my priority whether i am at home or away and i have so much fun, it would be unbearable to think of her not being here


I love get a picture of her whenever i can but tilly being tilly is indeed very camera shy


Even when she is stuck up a tree after chasing a squirrel.gmsnet2

We are still collecting golf balls and yesterday i packed 1000 golf balls to a new customer in Kent who found my details through this blog.


Its also a coincidence  that i was contacted by phone from a very nice lady asking if we are interested in clearing 230 acre golf course of all the golf balls, so it can be turned back to farming, this i thought was a job far to big for me and tilly so i passed this on to the professional service of my trusted friend Daz from the north of England who has the manpower and tools to do a good job, he will have to camp out for a while as the golf course is in Kent.

We will be back with some more very soon, i just need to download some pictures that i took today, still i have problems getting used to this new phone, driving me mad !


Great Colour Golf Ball from Ultra

April 14, 2012

I was nearly blinded by the shine on this ball that sat in stinging nettles all on its lonesome ! what a lovely bright colour.

It was hard to get a good shot of the ball with my camera, the light kept reflecting back on the picture

Ultra will be on to a winner with great colours and i want to see and find more of these in the future

This beauty is going in my collection of special golf balls…

Nice to enjoy a few beers from this brewer

Where have all the golfers gone

March 28, 2012

Brilliant sunny weather always an excuse to hide away from work and do a few things in the house or garden or even head to the golf course, sadly a course close to me is running on empty.

The last couple of weeks have been brutal in visitor numbers and no matter how the sun has shined people are just not appearing in the numbers which we are used to seeing.

The last few weeks have seen golf ball numbers drop dramatically,we are being hit hard by the lack of golfers which means no golf balls hitting the hedges or undergrowth, the main field has seen a dramatic reduction in golf balls and to add to the misery unfolding we are finding Dunlop and Top-Flite along with Slazenger being the ball of choice for many.

The poor dog is getting tired of being tired and needs golf balls to keep her active, The balls we retrieve are not the sort we need or care to pick up,what is the point of picking up something that returns nothing and something you cannot even give away.

Do you need a few golf balls

March 25, 2012

We have quite a few available after clearing the field and hedgerows during the last few days

That is just a small percentage of stock we have available, top names and all in good condition,each and every ball washed and cleaned checked for damage and posted direct to your door.

The woodland is hiding so many golf balls.

March 9, 2012

I have been away in Spain,France and Germany the last week and returned home early hours this morning.
The welcome from my dog at 01:00am must have woken the neighbours tilly was so happy to have me home (more than could be said for mr’s happy) who was rivetted to the bed and snoring like a banshee,but after a few hours sleep i was up and away to the woodlands and tilly was as keen to be with me.
We both headed to the main wood where there are lots of fearn and a good position for stray golf balls, it wasnt long before they started appearing as tiny little blips of white but as soon as i moved the fearn more were unearthed and in fantastic condition, i gather lots of them had been idle for a long time and to my surprise it was amazing at how warm they were compared to the tempreture of the ones that were laying scattered in the open woodland.

And this Yellow

Always nice to find this ball as i like the logo

Golf Ball Bargains for golfers.

September 17, 2011

The response to our advertised affordable golf balls at sensible prices has kept me busy, have been sorting and washing brand names for golfers eager to pick up direct from the house.
We also listed various brands on Ebay and sold at silly low prices just to clear them, i would prefer golfers to have the enjoyment of them.
The last few days have seen more balls retrieved than expected suddenly there is a surge in balls being found in hedgerows and balls stuck in thorn bushes,my goodness tilly-miss certainly does come in very handy in those situations.
Again the increase in Dunlop balls really does not surprise me due to the way the economy is running and when you look around quite deserted golf courses, that certainly tells a story.