The woodland is hiding so many golf balls.

I have been away in Spain,France and Germany the last week and returned home early hours this morning.
The welcome from my dog at 01:00am must have woken the neighbours tilly was so happy to have me home (more than could be said for mr’s happy) who was rivetted to the bed and snoring like a banshee,but after a few hours sleep i was up and away to the woodlands and tilly was as keen to be with me.
We both headed to the main wood where there are lots of fearn and a good position for stray golf balls, it wasnt long before they started appearing as tiny little blips of white but as soon as i moved the fearn more were unearthed and in fantastic condition, i gather lots of them had been idle for a long time and to my surprise it was amazing at how warm they were compared to the tempreture of the ones that were laying scattered in the open woodland.

And this Yellow

Always nice to find this ball as i like the logo


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