It has taken 11 months to find this ball

We struck lucky today and found the ball we were desperate to get 11 months ago, yes the Penfold Heart Golf Ball finally landed on a Berkshire course, sadly in a mud area and was fished out with my own bare hands, was i excited when i cleaned the dirt and sludge and realised what i had found, you bet.
Just under a year ago when the penfold was being revamped i made contact with the company asking if they would send me a pack as a sample,which were going to be sent out to visitors to our sites that we have online which include this one your reading and our golf ball site
A simple and easy competition was going to be arranged around the Penfold Brand which would promote awareness through our 16000 visitors, but Penfold responded saying “No Chance” nothing is free, so that was that and my loyalty and respect for such an aged company was basically over, such a shame as i liked reading about old companies and the nostalgia over the years.
I never thought it would take such a long time to actually find the penfold, and how do i feel now i found it?…..sad really

We today also found the “Golden Bear” in all his glorious gold and ask the question, how many are produced in gold….answers please.
Another good day in the field has brought lots of good name balls including a good sweep of ProV Balls and Calloway


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