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Golf Balls all over the fields

July 26, 2013

We have spent the last couple of days clearing the hedges that run alongside the the field and golf course, never seen so many laying in nettles and under thorn bushes, but tilly is doing a great job going under where she can bless her.


This is just a small sample in less than an hour


It is very hard work and quite time consuming trying to avoid the nettles and thorns that would cut you to pieces. but we keep going !

Tilly took time away from the golf ball to have a game of chase with bugs bunny, it was quite funny to watch them chasing round the field in the heat and lucky for Bugsy i was there to stop tilly killing her, the poor bunny has the dreadful maxi virus and cannot see anything but i couldn’t let her life end just like that maybe i am going soft in my age?

20130725_210140 20130725_210125

so bunny took of quite slowly and possibly survived the night somewhere safe but with the red kite flying above and the fox out hunting i don’t give much hope


Sweet machines filled and another being added to a local pub so our selection of new treats should keep everyone happy and i am delighted to be adding more to our total out at the moment.

My mate Daz arrived yesterday and took the golf balls, always nice to see him and maybe one day we will get to have a slurp or two when he is down this way, if you need any lakes clearing of golf balls he is your man.

Had to laugh out loud on seeing this doing the rounds on FB



Good to be back home.

July 23, 2013

Apologies for my recent lack of posts but i have been away travelling in Europe trying my best to earn some money to keep the wolf from the door. The day i left home started with a flight from Heathrow to Germany then a connection to Bilbao but 50 minutes in to the flight we have engine problems and head to Paris for an emergency landing, then 8 hours delay whilst hotels and flights organised, so finally weary and tired another flight this time to Portugal is arranged to meet my working crew who had now travelled coast bound, show that night and we head for the famous Montraux jazz festival for 3 days lazing on the beach, how bad is that ?


during the 11 days i have witnessed some very talented artists and songwriters at various festivals, one of my favourite live bands was the Stereophonics a band from Wales, can they play and sing you better believe it.


We trundled by road to many amazing shows and one of the highlights was our band playing in front of 60,000 people in Brittany on Saturday night.


Back home to find a huge welcome home from tilly-miss who was so happy to see me again, my wife then told me tilly had been at the vet for treatment as grass seed had gone in her ear, the cost to remove the seed was £191 plus a £30 consultation fee? talk about daylight robbery at least Dick Turpin wore a mask ? here is the picture below that caused tilly loss of balance on her right side and a lot of pain, but i am pleased to say tilly is getting better each day, a little bit of shock to her system and to my pocket after my wife told me she had used my card but i don’t mind and whatever it costs for tilly it will be paid.

20130722_22002720130722_210049 (2)

In the scorching heat we cleared over a 130 golf balls from the fresh cut fields, we still have more to clear including the woodlands but when it cools down and we get respite from the scorching sun


Whilst in the field tonight i caught a glimpse of 2 very young deer who were disturbed by the horses and watched them run across the field at alarming speed, there was no sign of mum but i am sure she was watching every move the young made, hopefully i will catch a look early morning when i head out at around 06:00 before the sun.

Look who has a new coat.

May 8, 2013

Young Romeo is certainly standing out amongst the rest of the family in the woodlands


He is shedding his coat and looks as lovely as ever

20130508_103948 (2)


Last night before dark we had our usual walk round the field to keep check on the animals before bedtime and was confronted by the mum who came trotting out of the thick thorn bushes and gave me quite a fright as well as tilly, it was getting dark and the sheer size of her poking her head out of the bushes was enough to frighten anyone, but was she bothered by me and tilly, not at all and as calm as you like ambled on her way to the open field, here are a couple of the pictures i quickly managed to snap whilst being a little frightened as i was not sure what was there at the time.


Look at the sheer size of the beauty, would you be scared seeing that walk out towards you….lol !

Anyway no harm done and we are all safe !

Is it free golf balls from Srixon

November 20, 2011

Srixon must be giving away there golf balls, if not then start throwing your savings in to there shares, why? because we are finding so many it is not right.
4 golf courses all returning Srixon,we found them in hedges, under leaves, on towpaths and in thorn bushes which is where tilly-miss comes in very handy
As you can see from the huge bag we are filling, i would bet the percentage is all Srixon, when this bag is filled and i do not think it will be to long,we will organise an online raffle for the entire bag which i think will hold 700+ balls, tickets will cost £1 and entry will be through Paypal and as an added bonus to the winner delivery will be free through a courier direct to your door……can you imagine not having to buy another ball.

Sadly my choice of ball the Titleist was not so easy to find today or yesterday, we hit double figures but not enough to shout about, in these hard times £3 or £4 a ball is a little worrying to be paying if your golf game is not really that good