What is in the golf bag today.

Sure enough it was a beautiful morning and although i was suffering a little after one to many the night before tilly-miss was eager as always to get to the golf course
for her early morning rout.
It was evident that the course was going to be busy,as we could see the people in groups as we entered through the bridalpath, it was not long before the balls lay waiting for us.
We were having a ball walking and finding various brand names that lay scattered in thorn bushes and laying idle on the leaves,some were very cold and others were quite warm,a sign that they had been there for a short while and nobody had given them a second thought it seems.
The morning walk returned 31 quality balls that were dominated with the quality of Srixon followed a close second with Nike which seems to be making an appearance
once again after falling short for quite a few weeks, the chance of seeing a Nike ball
was all we could imagine and i often thought had this particular course banned the Nike ball, but happy days it is back where it should be in my bag.
Before dark tonight we headed back for the end of day clean up and as the picture shows we were not let down, what a surprise to find as many as we did in less than a 30 minute walk on the path.
Click on the photo and see how popular the Srixon ball is, then look at Nike and Titleist which is not a real favourite at this course, people are playing more with Pinnacle,Top~S*** and Maxfli but the most impressive of comeback balls used at this course is the Dunlop Sport without a shadow of doubt, but can we sell them ?

Tilly Miss was injured this morning cutting inside her back leg, a nasty gash that needed a visit and £147 to put right, but she is still not very happy as the fireworks and running round are getting to her,but she is doing good.
Our machines are being wanted in many outlets in the world, i have lots of enquiries from golf magazines and golf courses wanting to setup the vending machines, my supplier is dealing with orders and arranging shipments so tilly will be
seen as a global exporter very soon (laughing)


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