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The Deer have left the woods.

January 20, 2015

Sadly the deer no longer shelter through our fields adjacent to the wood and golf course, it is with sadness that 3 of our regular deer have been hunted and killed by some very nasty immigrants it seems who are not bothered where there next meal comes from.

For the last 5 years we have had young born and raised in the fields, last year nothing, which was very strange despite our young stud “Thomas” who roamed the fields and bedded down in wait for a mate to keep him company, oh how we miss the beauties on our walks and how Tilly misses the fun of the chase, we would spend hours sitting and watching them.


Here s my beauty Tilly-Miss relaxing after a 2 hour walk and getting ready for a game or two.




The last few months have seen a few changes to the landscape in the wooded area, due to an application being submitted to build a large property around the barn area, over time the developer has moved a couple of ton of high quality Peat and has pushed this away from the build in to the wood, there has to be 3/4 Tonne of quality fertilizer which is available should anyone want to make a donation.

If any garden centre wants to clear this they are welcome, the top layer of leaves and twigs need raking away and underneath that compost that will grow anything you desire excluding male or female humans….



During my time away from keeping the blog running i have been very busy working with this fella doing xmas panto season, all good fun to say the least travelling the entire length of the UK hopefully i will be here more often as the weeks progress.


Take Care from myself & tilly


Don’t play with cheap golf balls

January 17, 2012

Look at this Donnay, it looks like a new ball,but you can see it has exploded in to pieces, how would you feel after paying your hard earnt cash for such a pile of crap?

Tilly pulled this from the hedgerow,very pleased with herself for finding a clean white, but what a sad time for a golfer to experience

I just had to picture this ball the moment i picked it up from tilly

Maybe a manufacturing fault that has affected a whole batch of Donnay, or is it a cheap chinese counterfeit, who knows what has happened, just pick your ball carefully.

Have you had any problem with a Donnay in the past, let me know

Choose your logo printer carefully

December 5, 2011

Another day of walking woodlands picking up endless amounts of golf balls and on inspection
of each ball we find it is amazing how many logo balls are shabby and badly printed.
I make it known that i like nothing more than finding logo balls, i enjoy the design and often wonder how they craft so easily on a ball, i also sell logo balls to various people and i have one person in the States who buys all my banking golf balls, so money is what we talk about
on a regular basis.
The logo ball sends a message to how many people we will never know,but apart from some tax write off who actually see’s the efforts that have cost a lot of money?
Well getting back to today we found these very badly stamped balls, OMG would you have accepted these from a printer, i very much doubt it

Even Worse

And This load of rubbish

So remember checkout your printing company and print us something worthwhile to look at

Get ready for the great golf ball raffle.

November 30, 2011

The huge bag is nearly filled, the walking has been done,tilly has had so much fun running through the woodlands and fields, as for me my head is buzzing and at night i am dreaming golf balls of all colours and name brands….god i need help !
So despite my aching blistered feet and cuts to my arms and legs along with my poor doggie covered in thorns and recent scars from barbed wire,we are going to raffle this huge bag of golf balls and there will be 1 lucky person out there who will not have to buy another golf ball for a very longtime (unless your really bad at the game)
So golfers everywhere £1 per ticket and you could be having a great xmas present,imagine every make of ball for you to try throughout the year, the winner will be guaranteed this huge bag delivered to there door before xmas.
Fantastic quality balls including every top name you would ever want to try and Titleist ProV also play a part along with Calloway & Nike and the ever so popular Penfold Heart which took us nearly a whole year to find, all this can be yours for £1 no more no less !

Woodland pictures

November 29, 2011

Mist was hanging around early morning and i thought some nice tree pictures would make a change.
Tilly was busy having a run with her deer in and out of the fields,which was great as she is getting great excercise.

Golf Ball Bargains for golfers.

September 17, 2011

The response to our advertised affordable golf balls at sensible prices has kept me busy, have been sorting and washing brand names for golfers eager to pick up direct from the house.
We also listed various brands on Ebay and sold at silly low prices just to clear them, i would prefer golfers to have the enjoyment of them.
The last few days have seen more balls retrieved than expected suddenly there is a surge in balls being found in hedgerows and balls stuck in thorn bushes,my goodness tilly-miss certainly does come in very handy in those situations.
Again the increase in Dunlop balls really does not surprise me due to the way the economy is running and when you look around quite deserted golf courses, that certainly tells a story.

What will a single £1 buy today !

January 26, 2011

Only £1 from the vending machine,where else would you get a fantastic quality golf ball for that money.
Golf shops and stores charging £11:50 for just 3 ProV’s

We sell them cheap and sell lots to keep the golfer today very happy

Proof that the machines really do work,we banked this little lot today.

As winter weather sets in.

October 20, 2009

Amazing how many various colour golf balls start to appear, i am fascinated that golfers actually believe the colour ball will change there game,or is it to do with eyesight? tilly came from the hedgerow with a Stars and Stripes ball, how on earth would you be able to keep track of that through the grass and leaves?

With winter weather approaching finding a ball is getting that little bit harder than usual, but we carry on regardless, tilly is an expert in the leaves, she is also very good at catching a rabitt as she proved this morning, the rabitt had mixi poor thing was blinded by the stuff farmers use to protect crops, it is awful to watch as they are blinded and cannot see, they go deaf really unaware of there surroundings, waiting for the moment like a prisoner on death row.

On a brighter note it is nice to see golfers wrapping up warm in there bright golfing clothing,some look like models strutting there stuff round the course, for some the over jacket is to tight and this reflects when they hit a ball, its very funny actually they spend money on all the latest golf clobber, shoes coats flash trolley and best clubs but cannot play or hit a ball, carry on you guys, you look the part !

Tilly-Miss meets new friends.

October 1, 2009

We were up at the crack of daylight, and headed of on our journey, we both love being out early morning, it is a great time to watch the wildlife, deer roaming, geese flying, rabitts playing, and birds singing, with the morning dew and mist clearing it is a wonderful sight to be in the fresh country air. We arrive in Oxford and soon start to collect more golf balls, tilly is master at retrieval and presents me with a Taylor-made ball, it is brand new and must have cost a few pence, so i am happy ! we are soon picking them up at great speed, top name balls, i cannot beleive our luck, well worth the visit, tilly is distracted by an old fox who looks like he has not been fed for a long long time, they both scarper and tilly is not listening to me, i carry on and soon tilly finds her way back to me unscathed with her fox chase.

We head in the car to another venue, the roads are getting busy with traffic, you look at the people in those cars, many tired weary people flogging themselves to death, probably the only fresh air they get is moving to there car to the office, probably so worn out with stress they never bother walking, but life goes on and for some there is no choice.

We meet a lady and her dog and have a chat then head in to woodlands, big flash rolls royce and bentley cars flowing in to the car park, i keep thinking one day tilly-miss one day, we carry on regardless we are what we are,what you see is what you get, we just love doing what we do.

The course is busy the sun has broken through and we have had an enjoyable visit, we have done what we had to do and head home for a nice bacon sarnie and a cup of tea, uuuummm i keep thinking of that all the way home.

29 BRAND NAME Balls so i am happy, will be back later on, thanks for reading and visiting.

Tilly on the Golf Course Collecting Balls

September 30, 2009

Today Tiily retrieved 65 assorted Golf Balls in an hour, for me to sort into brand names.  A good day’s work as there willl be people wanting used golf balls in great condition at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Tilly the golf ball queen.

Tilly the golf ball queen.


Maybe our vending machines will fill quicker in the future at this rate.

Golf ball vending machine.

Golf ball vending machine.

We will be back soon with further information on our vending machine