What a week

I had to get across to Ireland as my mum has been very ill in hospital and aged 80 is the wrong end of lifes pattern.
I was very shocked to see how my poor mum had looked with there being nothing to remind me of the lady i recognised on my previous visit.
Huddled in her bed and a big smile as i walked in greeted me and my wife,within minutes of giving mum a kiss she was fast a sleep, the weight has fallen away from her and i could hardly recognise my dear mum, it was very upsetting.
The pictures above show my mum in younger years, a fit and very healthy lady, i wish she had decided to stay here in england with me instead of returning home to Ireland, at least i could have looked after her better than what she is getting in that dreadful hospital.
I am trying to get mum moved away to a nursing home,but that takes time to organise,hopefully my sister will get that sorted very soon.
Tilly stayed with inlaws in the cotswolds whilst i was in Ireland and she was quite happy as she does get a lot of attention,so when i arrived yesterday evening she went mad and was so happy to see me back with her which was nice after all that i had put up with previously.
We made the golf course early this morning after a good nights sleep and within a minute or two one lucky squirell had escaped near death, tilly had got a bite on the beast but not enough to stop it in its tracks and it managed to escape to the tree, one lucky little squirell without a doubt.
A quick walk round and soon the ball tally was in double figures and guess what only 1 yes 1 Top-**** ball amongst a huge amount of lovely Srixon, yep all very good Srixon which have been sold already along with Taylor-Made which we have in stock.


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