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Keeping watch on the Deer

February 10, 2016


Apples and pears chopped and bagged ready for feeding time, on arrival in the field i noticed the mum and young waiting close to where i had left there food yesterday, on inspection everything had gone including broccoli and stems, the deer were not at all nervous and looked to be very content, so i dropped more food and left them while i went in search of woodland golf balls, in just over 2 hours in woodland hacking down thorn bushes and endless prickles, i managed 72 very good golf balls.


A majority of these were brought out of woodlands by my golf ball dog Tilly-Miss who just seems to have a great sense of liking Titleist Pro V Balls, we had loads of that brand ball today, and as you can see from the pictures tilly is back home having a cuddle from my wife after we had gone for a long time.

I  managed some pictures of the deer waiting patiently for food, well i hope that is the reason why Laughing out loud


This is mum and Thomas


What a beauty

But not as beautiful as this little lady


Who is now flat out on my settee sleeping and dreaming

And finally Golf Balls if anyone needs any ?



Finding a golf ball in the “Bluebells” is not easy.

April 28, 2012

The rain was relentless and there we are stuck in the middle of the woods searching golf balls,can you imagine really doing this? but it is what i enjoy doing and tilly-miss loves every minute of scanning the woodland and fields.

Some are easy to find and some are not so easy, but enjoyable fun can be had whilst we do our best to keep fit with the long walks we cover….this one was not so easy to find

The woodland area is alive in colour with bluebell’s

Tilly has been having great chase games with Roe and Munkjack Deer and local pheasant and rabitts all part of her hunting skills which she is learning much better than before.