Deserted Golf Course

Once again another course empty of golfers, are people to busy working or just flat broke and feeling the pinch?

Where have all the hooray henry’s gone, the bright coloured Ping jumpers and tartan trousers
that adorned this course day in day out.
Is it likely they all have other things to do other than a game of golf? as things get tough in the real world.
We have seen a massive decline in golf balls since before xmas from a dozen golf courses, once upon a time we could pull in the region of 300 to 400 balls every couple of days, now we are lucky to get this return in a week.
Also a considerable amount of lesser favourable golf balls are appearing, lots more non branded balls are laying buried in leaves and really not worth the efforts of myself or tilly to pickup.
The quality that is being played with is also something to look at, we are finding so many that are being played with cuts and outright damage,surely this will have an effect on overall play
but needs are needs and when money is tight the hooray henry will go to any length to use whatever he can.
That is why i cannot make out the need to play with such a below par golf ball when you do some research online and see some of the fantastic offers on secondhand golf balls, is there any need to bring the old tat in to play.
I can offer you excellant Retrieved….Recycled….Golf Balls at even lower prices than what is offered online,we have no middleman or huge overheads to fund,we just provide a good old fashioned service of washing and checking every ball by hand at low prices always.


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