Can we trust our postman and royal mail ?

During the last few months orders have been despatched to the nearest post office and all due monies charged paid on the day there at the counter,job done so we think, so go home mail the buyers to let them know there goods are on route and everything should be fine.
But weeks down the line we get mail asking where are the orders the customer has paid for, the items are not being delivered, thankfully i keep all the post office receipts for every item and make sure each one is marked with there city for easy reference.
I offer everyone a service that provides a choice of how they wish there order posted, if they wish they can pay extra and have the signed for recorded service or just the basic postal option, signed for is not the problem as a signature is required,it is the basic service causing problems.
How do we stand with Ebay and other sites if an item doesnt arrive and we have proof of posting with original receipt and the buyer wants his order,anyone shed light on this issue for me,how would this affect my feedback ratings,any response to this would be helpful.
We shall in future be sending all our orders on the recorded signed for service at the extra cost which will have to be passed on, I always provide an honest service and would not like to be associated as someone who just takes the money and does a runner, i am not like that.
Something else worries me regards postmen and there honesty as i have friends working directly throughout the country for royal mail, each one has told me you will be lucky if the order arrives at all as thefts are increasing and if the postie is curious he will have it away,this even applies to other services offered,which made me think and made me angry,in reality if your postie decided to steal your item your business could be ruined just simply by someone posting negative remarks, its something we all need to look at.
Has anyone had trouble with there post recently,please let me know


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