Our day in the woodlands

We survived the early morning splurge of constant rain and boy oh boy was i glad to get back home,i was soaked to the skin and frozen despite a 1 mile trek through the mud and puddles that eventually bring me to green grass.
Whilst on my travels tilly sensed something was close to the barn and set about investigating
which to my surprise a wonderful conditioned fox with the most beautiful coloured coat i had seen for a long time, it was obvious foxy was not going hungry by any means, tilly and fox had a good chase through the woods for a few minutes and that was the last of foxy.
It was not long before the 3 deer appeared and catching tilly’s eye another run round the wood started with 1 deer and tilly while the other 2 headed in opposite direction, there was a good bit of mileage for them both as they covered the entire field,with no chance of tilly getting anywhere near and was at no point a threat to any of them.

We arrived home dried out and headed back for more fun with the deer and during the 40 minute walk picked up these fresh from the field golf balls

We walked round the east wing of the course totally and i mean totally deserted, not a soul or motor in sight, the course was our playground had we wished,but instead we kept to our well trodden route and captured these two wet and cold fellas standing side by side

Surprising what we meet daily, bet your day was not as interesting? but back to hardwork and tilly tussles daily in the thorns and prickle bushes to bring you all a lovely washed and retrieved golf ball at the lowest prices ever.

Home and dry,watered and fed Tilly is now relaxing on my settee for the moment, but be assured it wont be long before she will be stretched on top of the settee looking out the window all night waiting for the cat or the fox to make an appearance

Was your day as enjoyable as the day we had?, were you tempted to say buggar work and the late train and you cannot cope with endless traffic jams?….then come and join us in the countryside and learn to relax a little bit more.


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