Being bombarded with requests for tilly.

Phone calls asking about tilly-miss and her retrieval,magazines wanting to publish stories,most trying to get you to buy in to advertising space,its a crazy world out there,sales people earning staggering amounts of money in commission and they target the likes of me.
I wont allow tilly to be advertised in any old publication,it has to be for the right reasons and as far as paying for a publication that is out of the window.
We have a good vending solution for golf courses and lots of enquiries from spain america and canada come through our mailbox weekly,we will plod along regardless and see what the future brings, i must admit golf courses are a little hasty in trying the machine,is this due to change? which they do not want to do? are they happy to let the pro shop keep churning out balls in a bucket,out of a box?
Maybe if we launch the vandal proof vending machine they might wish to try that at various parts of the course.

Today has seen Nike sweep the board on retrieval,we scooped up loads of them today,infact every ball today was a Nike some with advertising logos and some advertising a golf pro with his picture on the ball that looked very good.
Orders sent out in the post, sat nav sold and posted and just machines to fill which i was going to do tomorrow but will leave them until sunday morning as there are halloween parties at our venues meaning more sweets will be sold,oh how the kids and parents love the sweets out of the machines.
So i will take my grandchildren saturday to a halloween party and join in the fun with them as i will be away in moscow and will miss them lots.


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