Heading back to Moscow.

Will be away for 15 days in total meeting with some contacts for golf balls and an intrest in the vending machine,just a few formalities to sort out.
Looking forward to my visit before the real bad weather settles in,should be able to go and visit Red Square again,a truly wonderful experience,so much smaller than you see on tv and so much history.
Really hoping to visit the fantastic underground railway network,the pictures i have seen are amazing and i will make a point of getting on one of the day tours.
I am really beginning to like Moscow and its culture and vibrancy,very good hotels complimented with good restaurants,mind you some of the places are still lacking in presentation of a warm breakfast?
Golf is really starting to get a hold and some very big courses that come with fascinating amounts of money to join.
Make in roads and hopefully something good will come from it,i am a trusting person and hopefully i can rest my case in meeting the same.
Golf balls are very expensive and more than you would pay in the uk,so why not feed the system with a varied choice of affordable golf ball….its just finding that outlet?

So the next couple of days will see our vending machines topped up so there is enough stock to keep them going,hopefully when i get back
there will be good returns.
Tilly-Miss is staying at home and will be very upset when she catches a glimpse of my suitcase,she will be as unhappy as me,but i have to do what i do….hopefully another post before i leave on sunday,until then take care everyone.


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