How many more golf balls?

What a busy last few days it has been,walking walking and more walking,cuts and scratches all over my body,soaking feet due to leaky wellies that were brought a couple of weeks ago at a ridculous price from an outlet (can any wellie boot company send me a pair of size 9)

Aagh the days are getting longer and the walking getting harder,tilly-miss has also been getting in trouble again,she crept up on a couple of deer taking an afternoon nap, i was further away and only heard her yelp and the deer making a horrid barking noise,tilly seemed to escape unhurt this time and no visible signs of injury thank god,we will have to be quite careful as the rutting season is not far away.
In 3 days we have over 200+ very nice golf balls in the bag,lots of Srixon AD333 coming through and some excellant ProV balls being found.
How on earth can so many golf balls be lost ? bearing in mind we do not dive any lakes or ponds, i dont like swimming at all and as for tilly that is definatly a no go area,i wouldnt let her near water.
We do things the old fashioned way “Search and you will find” that is how we do things,tilly will go in hedges and undergrowth me in the hedgerows and field,we have a great eye for a ball.
During the next few weeks we will hopefully build on stock as the rainy cold weather comes in along with dark nights creeping in,we have had a brilliant summer with record numbers of golf balls.
More machines are being sited and things are looking good,hopefully our pub and club outlets will continue to sell our sweet range through the winter and allow us to earn a few quid,we are also supplying a horse riding stable locally with a range of our delicious sweets and a university in london with a machine that will vend ping pong balls,just waiting for the coin mechanism to be installed before delivery.
Tomorrow were out again,but have to post more orders before we head to another woodland course.


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