New website for “Tilly-Miss Vending” will get underway.

We are instructing a company to create new pages for our vending service.
The site will be for Confectionary vending,Golf Ball Vending,and Ping Pong Ball Vending.

Why ping pong ball vending you ask?
We have been approached from a university in London to supply a machine that will be used for out of hour’s lessons,the club has a huge following with the tables being constantly used through the night,we have had to make a critical change to the machine in the shape of the coin mechanism,we are adding a new 50p coinage mechanism making the ball affordable to all who play.
The University have told me that they will expect a huge number of sales out of hours,We look forward to delivering the machine within 14 days with the changes in place.

Ping pong clubs in the uk?….Google the results and see how popular the game is.

So back to the new website : We have had intrest today from a motoring stockist who have a large base of showrooms and they could be ready to trial our sweet vending.
To take Tilly to the next stage we need to have another good web site running along Tilly-Miss Golf which has been fantastic since the launch 27450 visits and some really lovely comments from very satisfied golfers, so “Tilly-Miss Vending” will be our next venture and we hope to cater for a host of clients to include workplaces..offices..showrooms..transport companies…in fact anywhere where there are plenty of people working (is there such numbers employed in the uk today?)
If it happens, it happens and i will put every effort i can to make it success.


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