More good news.

Has been another very good day involving golf balls and the golf ball vending machine, we trawled a course in the Berkshire area and had a very good return within the hour 56 balls lots of top names amongst them plus the usual rubbish covered in every colour of ink money can buy, it amazes me why people insist on drawing smut and other filth on a them people out there…you need more than a game of golf pal, you need serious help !! then you have the people who cannot remember there name,so they plaster it on the ball…get a life please, its only a game, could you imagine Tiger standing there with a great big ink pen scribbling all over a ball, i do not think so.

Machine news : meetings lined up tomorrow with 2 hotel groups, plus fitting of machines, my brother in law has been very busy, he has fitted a machine today at a private club with there own golf society, people have been in taking photos and he said the comments from people at the club were fantastic.

I am going to canvas a couple of pubs in my local area tomorrow, it would be silly not to with so many courses nearby, hopefully some new business will be found.

Must spend the evening again washing balls, i then have to can the ball, then load the machines, my work is never done it seems, but i enjoy the freedom of fresh air and fun with tilly-miss something i will never stop doing, might be back later with a photo….tilly x


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