More machines sited.

Have been with family in the Cotswolds and had a great time, me and brother in law decided on some cold calling to various pubs,the response was more than i could possibly imagine, everybody loved the idea and concept which was fantastic made me feel like everything has been worthwhile and how far will this go.Not one single negative comment landladies and landlords were amazed that such an invention had been made, i took tilly-miss on my travels and introduced her,she was adored in hotels and pubs,one dear landlady wanted the machine there and then,we have a golf society that love the Noodle and Srixon ball, so without fail tomorrow morning brother in law will fit a new machine.

peter will be very busy tomorrow installing machines, a meeting with 2 golf society hotels who cater for golf weekends, further appointments in and around Cirencester keeping him very busy. I have asked that pictures are sent through so i can add them on our links page, the response has been fantastic and thank you to everyone including June and Michael who are the publicans of a very lovely pub in the small village of Ashton Keynes  a truly wonderful atmosphere along with some fantastic freshly cooked food, i can truly say if you are in the area or intend visiting the Cotswolds make a bee line to this warm and comfortable inn (dogs and children made very welcome)


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