Were changing our logo.

I have had time over the last few weeks to look at certain areas to do with the vending machine, i feel i made the mistake of not adding tilly-miss to the logo, the second mistake was to number the balls,this has been more time consuming than you could imagine so i am making changes and here are the changes

You will see the web address has been added and a picture of tilly-miss as the headliner of the project along with our very own union jack flag in the corner, hope you all like the new look.

In the woodlands today……i was in the thick hedgerows with tilly today and in a space of less than 15 minutes pulled 28 golf balls all under the leaf growth,the place is a wash under them bushes, i would have had many more but it was getting so dark and it was very cold, so back tomorrow we go in daylight.

Finally tonight i wish my dad well in his battle with cancer, he was again operated on yesterday and has not been at all well today, seeing him so tired and weak tonight really brings it home,how lucky we are to have good health, i have a good picture of  him and mum taken just last week  

We hope and pray daily for his safe keeping and hope he is around to celebrate his 60 years of marriage which is a couple of months away….


2 Responses to “Were changing our logo.”

  1. Liz Says:

    Loving the pics of Tillymiss and most certainly sending prayers for your dads recovery and a happy Anniversary celebration! x

    • plenty1 Says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments towards Dad & Tilly-Miss, i really appreciate your thoughts and concern.
      In the meantime concentrate on getting your health back, i would imagine you have had a lot of stress recently with ill health and the revamp of the pub, you have a wedding not far away so most importantly prepare for your big day and walk in with a radiant smile feeling on top of the world,good luck x

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