The weather today has beaten us.

This morning was not to bad just a slight drizzle that we could more than cope with, but this afternoon we set out and have been caught in torrential relentless showers that soaked us through, even tilly-miss was totally peeved of and sat bang in the middle of a path refusing to walk any further, so i decided enough was enough for one day.

As you can see we have gone from snow filled landscape to this.

What could be worse? it has been awful,yet there are still golfers on course like drowned rats, talk about dedication to the game, we made tracks back home after retrieving around 16 balls not to bad considering the weather and conditions.

Nike balls were most found by a long way today, again Titleist came close with the colour ball helping to increase the number somewhat.

Have spent a few hours with vending machines, have had people call round to give them a road test, yes they have actually put there £1 coin in and have been quite surprised by the ball coming out in a cannister, all very good comments were recieved and some contacts have been made now they have seen how the machines actually work, a couple actually drove 47 mile to pop in and see how good the machine was, and have taken one for there local pub which is very good news.

Should this weather continue tomorrow i am going to put some pictures on of some of the rubbish golf balls that are being used by a few golfers at various courses, i think you will be quite amazed at the rubbish we come across, i find it unbelievable that golfers would even consider using such inept balls? surely a damaged ball would have a vast difference to your overall points tally compared to a new clean ball? i do not think it is rocket science,why pay a lot of money on a good set of clubs along with the bag and all the other clothing to end up pulling a ball that is so damaged it is surprising it will even move when hit, the mind boggles at what goes through peoples mind,i look the part and have good looking state of the art bag and clubs and i dress smartly,dont worry about what ball i play as my golf buddies hopefully wont see it? maybe its time golf clubs made everyone buy a new set of balls before they are allowed to play a  course? any thoughts on this or any other questions? mail me direct and i will try and answer any questions in our next posts.

Tilly-miss has had a nice bath and is lovely and warm by the fire like a ball of fluff, better than being out in the cold, with that i am going for a nice cuppa and an egg sandwich….take care tilly x


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