Tilly-Miss in the snow.

Hello everyone

I thought i would share some pictures with you, tilly-miss was in good form today finding me balls that were buried in the snow, i hope you like the images.

Tilly-Miss is amazing i just do not know how she keeps finding these balls in quite deep snow

The course looks like a white sheet has been spread corner to corner, must say thou it does look quite stunning with the ice hanging from the trees and branches.

I was hoping to get some pictures of the 6 Deer that roam the course, but sadly they were not showing today, lots of footprints scattered round the course, but they are obviously sleeping in the woodland, a lone rabitt was the only thing running round, but way to fast for tilly to catch.

Lets at last hope the weather improves, it has been a disgrace how local councils have reacted, innocent lives have been lost all because of the behaviour of local authorities refusing to grit our road system, what happened to the days when council cleared drains and sewer pipes, cut back over growing hedges, gritted all roads including back lanes, we never ever had the problems with flooding or gritting, as i have quoted many times England is a toilet, this latest episode of events has caused a national disgrace to our country, Eurostar and there fluffy snow is the final straw, let us hope and pray all the poor people stranded make it home for xmas.


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