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Deer back in woodlands, after weeks away.

February 9, 2016

Up and out early today in the hopeful search of the deer that had lived all last year in the woodland fields, over the last week i had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of two new stragglers that had been wondering around the field, these two were very nervous as soon as you caught sight of them from a distance and were gone as quick as lightening, giving me the proof i needed that they were not linked to the family that had lived throughout the previous year quite happily with myself and tilly-miss.

The morning started well as can be expected, in to the woods and i am looking for tell tale signs of where the deer had been laying, hoof marks, and any sign of poo !

On walking through the path my first sighting was the dad Thomas as i have named him, a wonderful creature that has been friendly for a couple of years, remember i saw Thomas born in the woods and left in the undergrowth while mother rested, and so my friendship began.


Sadly the pictures are not that great as i was caught out and couldn’t focus properly, as time was against me should they decide to bolt, but i managed the best i could.


I was delighted to see them all back safe and started calling them, mum started walking towards me followed by the other three, i knew then it was time to head back home to get apples and pears, as they adore either and they wolf them down very quickly.

It is evident that they remember me and tilly and when we returned later with dinner for them they had there eyes firmly fixed on us and they were watching as the bag was shaken, they knew feeding time was close.


Open the picture for better view !

Tomorrow will be more apples and hopefully a few dozen golf balls, just like today !


Early morning walk in woodlands.

January 21, 2014

Got up early this morning despite the weather conditions in search of the wild deer, the fog had formed across the woodland and golf course making viewing quite hard from my eyes, obviously a much different case for tilly who as always finds a new lease of life as soon as she gets in the woods.

I was expecting the morning to be very cold and made sure i was well wrapped for my visit with a couple of good layers of clothing, but strange as it seems the morning was walk was lovely and i soon had regret for adding the extra layers of clothes.

I was as happy as could be walking and watching the red kite sitting in the tree hoping that from somewhere a mighty feast would arrive, but this time i had to watch as i had taken no food for them this time around.


If you look carefully at the third picture you will see the 2 red kite sitting perched high in the tree, they will not let you get to close, the other pictures are of the visibility that was on offer and tilly scanning the field in the hopeful event a rabbit or squirrel will provide a little entertainment before we head home.

Where else can you enjoy the peace and quiet away from it all, i can hear the traffic in the distance of people chasing fast and furious to get to work, putting up with the daily ritual and routine and then arriving late and having to do it all again when it is time to go home.


Tilly loves her freedom and i wouldn’t change it for the world…!

Where are the Deer hiding.

January 19, 2014

I continue my search for the young deer and have been busy trying my best to find them without any success, they are leaving me lots of clues to where they have been as there foot prints and huge piles of deer poo are all around the place in the private grounds, which helps ease the worry that something has happened to them.

Yesterday whilst walking close to the barn i come across 3 heaps of deer poo a sign that they have probably been resting up in the barn area that i cleared a few months ago, i notice the hay has been tossed around and it is clear that they are taking shelter.

The long walk has been turned in to what seems like a rugby pitch with so many divots and feet marks from the deer that i think there has been an orgy during darkness, i have never ever seen so much poo on that stretch before and speaking to people about this it might be the theory that the climate has changed the breeding habits of some wildlife, i have been today watching red kites, and parakeets trying there best to mate and wonder if there is truth in the theory?

Golf Ball News

Had a gentleman call today and purchase 134 of my best selling ball the Pro V 1


I also have a few colour balls to clear along with lots more brand names


So far this week i have probably retrieved around 400 balls from the most unlikely places and would you believe whilst in the woods i actually found a dead fish? obviously been dropped from the jaws of a bird at a great height (imagine that landing on your head) but the fish was stinking and tilly wouldn’t go near it at all but was happy to start rolling in the leaves near to the fish, so most likely the hungry fox has been close.

Well i have just ordered my tea for the night and let me tell you i had some chilli chips along with curry and noodles, chilli chips are delicious !


Anyway thank you for taking the time to visit and i hope to add more in a few days time, have a lovely week and enjoy each day.

Watching The Deer Today.

May 13, 2012

Looking back at some pictures taken from my camera phone and sadly realising how bad they were,I decided to take my camera with me to try and get some good image shots of the deer that are quite comfortable in the field close to my home.
It was not long before i walked straight face to face with two of the deer mother and father i like to presume,maybe i am wrong maybe not, but i must say the 2 made me so happy that i was so close to them,within a metre and no more.
It was not until i arrived home and put the pictures on my computer that i realised the quality and sharp images i was so lucky to have gained, i was delighted and would like to share this with you all, so sit back and enjoy the pictures as much as i did taking them…

Remember to click on the photos to get the best images…..

Some very good pictures of mum and dad sadly the young one was sleeping deep in the long grass

Where did that Golf Ball Land !

May 12, 2012

Usually the task of finding a Golf Ball is quite easy,but recent weather has seen a surge in wild plantation and nettles growing at rapid pace due to so much rain.
So today i would like to let you see some of the places that GOLF Balls land, these are exactly how i have come across these today whilst taking a stroll with Tilly-Miss

To search a golf ball in these extreme conditions takes concentration and eye for detail and we can honestly say there isnt much we do not find….including this very nice Titleist DT Solo

This DT Ball was buried deep in the thorns, but the best is yet to come and i just found this amazing at how the next ball landed where it has, can you imagine the speed and power that ball took during its flight, it must have bounced of trees at an alarming pace coming to rest here

Tilly-Miss has so far enjoyed 2 walks to the golf course and you can see how much she enjoys herself, left free to roam and hunt the entire landscape as she chooses,but never going to far.

This morning we were fortunate to watch 2 deer grazing in the exact position we left them last night,they had not travelled at all it seems, but mum was nowhere to be seen in the field today, making me think the time has come for the new on the picture to see the 2 deer