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Golf Ball Bargains for golfers.

September 17, 2011

The response to our advertised affordable golf balls at sensible prices has kept me busy, have been sorting and washing brand names for golfers eager to pick up direct from the house.
We also listed various brands on Ebay and sold at silly low prices just to clear them, i would prefer golfers to have the enjoyment of them.
The last few days have seen more balls retrieved than expected suddenly there is a surge in balls being found in hedgerows and balls stuck in thorn bushes,my goodness tilly-miss certainly does come in very handy in those situations.
Again the increase in Dunlop balls really does not surprise me due to the way the economy is running and when you look around quite deserted golf courses, that certainly tells a story.


Machine to Austria.

May 10, 2010

Has been quite a hectic week, i have been away in Europe and lots of things have been happening in that time.
Enquiries for golf balls,everyone wants ProV balls….typical that i cleared all of them previously, i have to ship a machine to a company in Austria who want to test the sealed can mechanism, if all goes well with there testing a further 50 machines will be heading to Austria.
Tilly-Miss is now official we have just recieved our official documentation, our Registered No 2533024 in Classes 9 :28 : 35 : have been approved for vending machines and a host of golf related products including retail golf bags,golf balls, clothing.
We can start to merchandise tilly-miss in a range of various ideas to do with golf which should be interesting in the future,hopefully we might find a suitable partner to bring our ideas to fruition.
Wish to thank Silverman Sherliker LLP in London for all there help in arranging our trade-mark,it was a pleasure to do business with you.