At last the Deer are back Grazing.

I have been away for various long spells in the last few months and managed only a flying visit home which consisted of a couple of hours, but having finished our last stint of shows in the north of England at Car- Fest North i headed back home to see Tilly who as always gave me a wonderful welcome.

We headed straight to the woodland and scouted the woods from one end to the other, in which time managed a sighting of 4 deer in the heavy tree lined woods that has become over grown with blackberry bushes and thorns since my last visit, don’t get me started on the stinging nettles please !

Yesterday i was having a stroll in the field and to my surprise a large beautiful brown skinned  deer appeared to the side of the fence line my reaction was to call to her and even more surprised when she turned and looked and started gently walking to the side of me, in no hurry she trotted yards from me and stopping only to nibble on the grass, even tilly was surprised at seeing this beauty so near, it reminded me of the one we lost last year, that one would pose for pictures and walk the fence line without fear.

I was so happy to see the young one yesterday and it got me thinking if she is back to calf in the weeks ahead, as she looks a little heavy, i am hoping the other 4 will head back to the field and join them, i know Thomas the young one is still about and he is waiting in the field for the ladies to arrive, i last saw him a few weeks ago and he is a randy little bugger as he was serving all the ladies on his own before obviously the others in the wood got the scent.

Tilly has been in great form and looks the ideal dog in every shape, she is wearing me out with 4 wood walks a day, i  am also still feeding the fox and Sunday night what a surprise to have the mother followed by a young cub on the lawn, it was fantastic watching them eating and playing.

Been all over Europe and seen some great rock and roll bands on this tour and enjoyed great weather in Spain, Norway, Bratislava, Czech Republic, Dublin, Switzerland, Germany.


All in all great times and scenery and lovely people, also a big thank you to everyone who have continued following tilly and our blog, we truly appreciate your visit……be back soon take care  !


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