Fresh cut fields.

After waiting what felt like forever i arrived home to find the fields had been cut, what a difference it has made, we have been busy collecting all the golf balls that have laid in the long grass and spent a lot of time digging other balls that had hit the ground so hard they had buried themselves good and proper.


Sadly we were finding very good balls that had been caught and cut by the blades of the mower, some lovely Titleist Prov balls were ruined along with various logo balls including this one.


Amazing what you find in the grass and these colours were a welcomed gift from the hedgerows.

Yesterday my grandson George was helping me collect and find what was out there and the little man went home with 17 balls that he found on the towpath and in the field, my goodness me that little lad has an eye for a ball and has a collection of colours and whites to match what i have, his mum was not to happy with another load going home thou as she says he has them hidden everywhere….hahaha  my mate Daz will have another customer in the future.

Sadly no sign anywhere of the Deer the woods is quite lonely without them and i think even tilly is missing them, but hopefully they will return soon in the future.


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