Another day in the woods.

Shall we clear the field or head to the woods, decisions decisions and the woods won.

In to the woods and the golf balls started to appear very quickly, as well as myself picking up what was there tilly-miss was on patrol through the hedgerows and soon started bringing out yellow and white balls along with the ritual of throwing the ball in the air and catching it.


We also had some good logo golf balls along with other logo balls for charity organisations and this one in particular caught my eye, obviously a good cause for the tradesmen who work in London on vast projects.


And what about this special staff members ball from Calloway


Its amazing how many golf balls carry a logo does it really work ? after all said and done who actually see’s that logo apart from yourself and of course me as the ball finder?…cannot get my head round that one.

And my good friend the Deer was wondering round in unusual  space today and i spent an hour with her watching what she was doing, sadly no sign at all of a young one.


And here is tilly sat under a garden seat watching every move the deer made


So now it is back to the woods to check on the mother before darkness


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