New arrival in woodlands.

As expected the new arrival has arrived as i found out today, just by chance i caught a glimpse of the mother moving what looked like a little fawn less than an hour old.

Mum straight away laid the new born down and headed straight towards tilly-miss who was close to the fence line, she then gave me a sign of keep away as she bolted towards me in a very hostile way which was warning enough for us both as i do not want to unsettle them or cause any distress.

Last year was the same procedure and mum was then very protective of her new born  she is so alert all the time watching and washing the little one which i got to see within a few hours of arrival


I am heading away tomorrow for a few weeks as the golf ball side of things has been hampered by the ferocious growth of nettles and prickles in the woodland, it will also help the new one settle in with mum without being disturbed, hopefully they will both stay safe and when i get back i will be keeping a constant update on them.

We have managed only about 100 golf balls due to the nettle growth, i have never in 8 years seen the rapid rise in nettles as what the woodlands has now, so hopefully on my return they will have stopped and i will be able to get back to filling the bags.

The next few weeks are going to be chaos travelling wise, i will cross borders and countries far away from home, meet lots of new people and see some lovely landscapes and hopefully bring lots of pictures home safely to cherish the journey as we get through another season of music festivals, we started in Barcelona then headed to Sweden then home for a few days, now Germany for the next one then Finland and the rest of Europe….happy days….


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