Woodland Update on what has been happening.

Apologies for my absence in the recent weeks, i have been busy in the woods and busy with things associated with Tilly-Miss which have side-lined my attempts to let you know what has happened and what progress we are making in attempting to find golf balls.

Well despite all that has happened i am pleased to say my golf ball friend Daz called at my house last week whilst i was away in Spain doing other stuff, Daz brought about 1200 balls and that cleared some room in my passage that my wife is always moaning about, saying that she will be on her broom stick again as i am filling it up with more vending machines and sweets.

The woodland saga and the rain are causing me more problems, whilst it pours down the grass and nettles grow faster and we are now faced with 5ft upwards of stinger nettles and prickle bushes that are rampant and spreading like a virus, it is as bad as the rag wart that has infected the fields which is like the kiss of death to horses, but like always we are out in the rain prodding and poking through it all hoping to retrieve as many as possible.

The Deer are still here in the field and getting more pretty each time i see them, the red colours on the younger ones is stunning, Romeo and his lady friend are still snuggled together in the field and will not leave each other, the mother looks as thou something might be happening and when you view her from various angles you wonder is she or is she not expecting, hopefully if she is then she might use the barn to deliver the new born as it has been decked with straw bales to make it more inviting for her and who knows.

Tilly is in good form and today we were both soaked from our walk in the woods, tomorrow i have to leave to do some work in Sweden for a few days, i am tired as i only arrived home yesterday from a trip to Spain and the drive was quite bad with weather problems through France, but it is what it is and i just have to get on with it.

The people on EBay seem to like our golf balls, i am getting such good feed back that i might even consider taking advice on how to open one of there internet shops? do you think it would be worthwhile?

No pictures today as my phone is on charge and i am to tired to go downstairs to get it but i promise to add them in a few days, going to keep this short and say thank you to everyone for being patient and look forward to being back at the weekend.


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