Look who has a new coat.

Young Romeo is certainly standing out amongst the rest of the family in the woodlands


He is shedding his coat and looks as lovely as ever

20130508_103948 (2)


Last night before dark we had our usual walk round the field to keep check on the animals before bedtime and was confronted by the mum who came trotting out of the thick thorn bushes and gave me quite a fright as well as tilly, it was getting dark and the sheer size of her poking her head out of the bushes was enough to frighten anyone, but was she bothered by me and tilly, not at all and as calm as you like ambled on her way to the open field, here are a couple of the pictures i quickly managed to snap whilst being a little frightened as i was not sure what was there at the time.


Look at the sheer size of the beauty, would you be scared seeing that walk out towards you….lol !

Anyway no harm done and we are all safe !


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