Cleared another 37 Golf Balls from walkway.

Out and about this morning with Tilly in the cold fresh air, more like a smog hanging over the fields as far as you could see, so we took the bridle path through to the edge of the golf course and helped ourselves to 37 very good white balls that were left cold and wet from the weekend.

Nice to know that we have nobody pinching anything whilst we are not there, so the next stop is the woodland to retrieve what has been fired in since Friday, hopefully quite a few !

Then we will go to the field with the new ball scooper to set about tackling the huge amount under them horrible thorn bushes, my scooper has a reach of 18ft so look out we will probably fill a net to about half all going well.


New range of sweets will be in the machines very soon as we are just running out and it is time to get some new ideas, looking at the option of adding tea and coffee to our pots for a construction site that has agreed to a machine trial, it has a huge workforce on a very large project and i recognised that the coffee and tea that is supplied once per day is used very quickly,so why not add my own pots at £1 there will be enough added to last them the day……????????????????


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