200+ Golf Balls from the field today.

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and my first thought was to go and clear our large field.

It has been a few weeks since my last visit and we headed out knowing we either have a good haul to look forward to or someone has been in and pinched them all, lucky for me they have not and the process of picking started.


It has been back breaking work as well as the damage to my hands as them thorn bushes cut you like a knife, it is ok for tilly as she gets underneath them all when she is not distracted by a deer laying in the bush.


These 2 bags are what we filled today and we still have another walk to do this afternoon before dark.


The nets are full and we will not be able to get many more in at this rate, today we have lots of brand new balls but these are filthy and a lot of soaking and cleaning will be needed, it is amazing how much mud has stuck to these and it makes you wonder what speed they hit the ground as they are well and truly lodged in solid ground and need to be up rooted to get them out.

We are happy to take orders on these golf balls, feel free to order what you want.


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