We have cleared the barn for the Deer.

All we need now is a couple of bales of straw which are located in another barn at the other end of the woods and hey presto the barn will be ready for all the family to move in.

Tilly-Miss was sent in to check the barn over for any nasty cretin’s that had decided to move in ie, any rats nesting, but after being given the all clear i went in with a rake borrowed from the golf course bunker and gave the flooring a good turning over which now provides a comfortable surrounding which when scattered with some straw bales will be like a new home from the cold winds that blow across the fields and does not provide adequate protection for the deer both in the cold or rain.


Nearly two hours in the barn turning the rock hard floor to something nice and soft whilst tilly was having a sniff here and a sniff there of who had been in and around her territory previously, no doubt without much of a guess it would be scraggy the fox who often lays in prey for the docile pidgeon in the morning and late afternoon when they are at there sleepy time, that is when scraggy strikes and we have so much evidence around the fields of what the crafty fox gets up to, we also have his friend 3 legs to blame for the bird killings 3 legs gets around the fields as fast as any other and recently he was almost brave enough to entice tilly to chase him….cheeky brazen fox…

Here are some pictures of tilly taken whilst we headed back from the barn








And what do i have here? it is chicken (again) for Foxy tonight


Fresh from the freezer slow cooked in the oven mixed with rice, just so foxy can have something to feed the young on these cold nights, they are coming on the lawn earlier than before most nights now he is on the lawn from 21:00 before it used to be early hours in the morning, but he has a few mouths to feed and needs to get in early it seems.


Finally thank you to all the people through various sites who have followed the adventure of the dog and deer recently, we are truly grateful and thank- full  of your time.


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