The Deer huddled together keeping warm.

Managed a few pictures before dark of the beauties who look quite comfortable back in the fields despite the very cold wind blowing right through the field.


I am so pleased that they have returned after nearly 3 weeks away and look forward to them being with me during the warmer weather when i can chart there progress and watch for any new arrivals.


The family are complete and it is amazing how they all stick together like glue, we do have one tyrant in the family who is also quite nosey and likes to get a bit closer than the rest.


There is a old stable in the far corner of the field that i am going to tidy up for them, a few bales of straw to make it a little more comfortable for them and in future i will start leaving vegetable peelings scattered on a trail that will lead them to the barn and give them protection from the cold and lots of what they like as they have been seen recently in nearby allotments helping themselves to whatever they fancy.

Do you have any pictures of Deer or Foxes you would like to share? please forward them to me or maybe you might have your own special place to go walking i would like to hear your tales !


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