Walk and keep walking.

This has been a foot aching trudge from golf course to golf course all in search of golf balls, yes that pearl white or colour ball or maybe a harder to find colour unless you are of course like the golf ball doggie who can find any colour like this aqua ball


Makes quite a change from the everyday pearly white wouldn’t you say?

We are still busy on filling the next sack and we helped this along nicely with good returns from 2 local courses, it is amazing where you can get on a golf course once you enter from your chosen point,we crept in the second course under the barbed wire and had a ball with the findings of mostly Taylor-Made golf balls which has helped to swell the woven bag even more.


Tomorrow is Field Day and clearing this huge field will be back breaking stuff so i am having my little man over to help with the task of many brand names.


We have done well and retrieved this lot today, so tomorrow should be good out in the cold fresh air, I wonder how many colours we will find…?


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