Traumatic day for one of the deer.

As usual a walk in the woods hoping to see the wildlife was what i was hoping for, on arrival it was made clear that the deer were out again in the surrounding area, so myself and tilly kept to our usual route and enjoyed the stroll as i do anytime morning or night, as we walked through the field i spotted the 4 deer with mum leading the pack and it was seconds before they were galloping towards the next field which seemed strange as they always allow a few minutes before they choose which direction they will go.

We followed as we usually do and soon two were seperated from mum and they took of at quite a pace and came very close to tilly, who in turn proceeded to start chasing after them, it was then that one of them was headed towards a bolted gate and tilly was gaining on her through some deep snow despite my shout to her to stop the deer decided to try and get through the bar’s of the gate without success and getting her rear end stuck, i had reached them both and tilly was then trying to get to the young deer who started kicking out for her own safety.

Keeping tilly away was my main concern and for the first time in 8 years i had to give her a wallop as i was most concerned on getting help for the poor deer, so a 999 call and the fire brigade were summoned very quickly to where i had to then walk 4 officers through the field so they could cut the gate open, as we walked through it soon become evident it had freed itself and was running across the field feeling sore and lucky to be alive.


It was a relief to see her alive and well but the damage and pain that was inflicted trying to escape has been horrible, i tracked her later today and could see the injuries very clear the poor animal had rubbed away all her coat to the bare skin on both sides of her body, i cannot imagine the pain she has gone through today so much so i will not post the pictures as they are very distressing, we all know how falling of a bike and we graze our arm or leg how much pain we are in how must the young one be feeling.

I hope that tonight she will be reunited with mum and the other three as this afternoon she was so traumatised and did not have a clue where she was walking, i watched her walk in to 3 fences and just kept wondering whilst i could hear her mum calling from across the other side of the open field but sadly the young one couldn’t  reach them, so i really hope that they will look for her and calm her down.

It had been a lovely walk and i had been gifted with some nice pictures of the family running in the snow bound fields.


Tomorrow i am going to try and see what has happened, maybe mother will now lead them away from the woods, i hope they stay and injured makes a full recovery, if there is any sign of a problem then i will call in a vet to help or maybe contact the RSPCA if they could be bothered.


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