We cannot find a golf ball, so we track the deer.

Cannot sit round doing nothing in the house or listen to the old witch (wife) moaning about this and that, the trouble with the witch is you ask something and her answer is to never stop talking she just goes on and on without coming up for air ! so it is better for me and tilly to get away as fast as we can and head to the woods to our very own world of peace and quiet (man’s – world) where we can be free from the nagging and moaning women going through there mid life crisis that always happens to be the blokes fault in everything they say or do?…my old witch wakes every morning and the first words last 10 minutes without drawing breath and be sure it is moan…moan … moan and you know then the day will be the same, so give me my faithful friend tilly and let me out of here !

The snow has been a slight problem for golf courses and has provided lots of people to enjoy walking the course and enjoying the winter settings that surround them, many walkers have never had the opportunity to walk a golf course in summer let alone winter but we have met quite a few people in the last few days enjoying the snow.

For me the chance of ever finding a golf ball in the snow is very remote so i have taken to tracking the wildlife through there footprints and it is quite amazing where they are able to gain access, here are some pictures of the foot prints we have tracked so far in the snow.


As for Tilly-Miss playing in the cold stuff is just what she loves to do, here are some pictures which i hope you enjoy.

20130120_162442 (600x800)20130120_16250420130120_16263520130120_16272920130120_162650




Do hope you have enjoyed the pictures

Stay warm…stay safe…and be careful…


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