No sign of a fox or deer in the night.

I left the house at around 23:00 and gathered my night light and headed to the woodland, talk about a creepy place to be and a feeling of someone or something watching you very close bye.

I made my way through the very dark entrance to the footpath that leads to the woods with the night light scanning the footpath and hedges man i was feeling very cold and quite honestly scared after all you just do not know what is in there, so with walking pace increasing i headed to the open field where i felt a lot calmer and sat and waited for the slightest sound of an animal moving about, but sadly nothing wanted to be seen it seems and after 2 hours of freezing i gave in to the cold and headed home.

The only good thing that come from the night was that in the time i was away the fox had called on my lawn and had hopefully enjoyed a good feast of meat that i had left for him, as for me i now have a stinking cold and flu to contend with but it has not stopped me and tilly heading to the woods just now to have a look through the snow for any footprints or signs of activity, but sadly not this time…stay safe and warm and do not drive out unless it is essential !


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