Look at these lovely golf balls !


After picking these up in the field I had to bring them indoors and start the cleaning process, my wife was not very happy but does she expect me to stand out in the cold? The crap removed and they all came out in good shape with lots of quality names to choose from.

Looking for the deer today and no sign throughout the woods despite a 2 hour walk, but i look back and often think of a couple of years when i met this young one


And what a beautiful gorgeous looking deer who sadly left a few months ago and is living a few mile from here and i have seen him recently looking very fit and well but only for a few minutes, maybe one day he will return to the field.

Do you recognise this resort in Greece if so please let me know where this is as i would like to book a holiday in the summer


Heading out tonight in the hope of getting to see the dog fox and the three legged fox that has been sited in the field, it could be a long night out on my own as tilly-miss has snuggled in to my bed and needs to stay warm and safe, I could not possibly allow her to be with me as i know she would be chasing anything that the light shines on


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