Tilly & The Cat



Would never have thought tilly would take to the kitten, but do they have fun together keeping each other company? The cat is quite a mad playful thing that is always hitching a ride on the back of tilly,never a dull moment of madness it seems in the house.

Tilly keeps the cat firmly in place and the pair often start playful fighting at a moments notice, maybe the cat will try and pinch dinner from tilly or the cat starts scratching at objects in the lounge then the row starts,but soon forgotten.

In case you are wondering what this has to do with golf or golf balls? not a lot as i am just trying another platform that binds with wordpress, so just seeing how it all works !

Stayed tuned for some lovely pictures of the Deer that i want to share with you all, but i am having trouble getting photos to import to wordpress……..all down to my new computer that is meant to be easier with this windows 8 !!


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